The snow has melted, days are getting longer, and nature is starting to take its stride- spring is officially here!

While eagerly waiting the change in seasons, Reima and Sies, the village bird connoisseurs, took the opportunity to introduce us to the world of feathered friends- sharing personal stories on how connected we are to them, and knowledge on how we can come together to provide safe shelter to nesting birds this spring.

We set out to build a few birdhouses, each specific to the needs of the particular bird. Measuring, cutting and assembling while keeping in mind factors such as entrance hole angles to facilitate easier entrances, and slanted roofs to prevent rain from entering into the birdhouse. Trying to understand the needs of the birds and doing our best to create the perfect home for them to build their nest.

Once assembled we hung them around the village and hoped that they are adequate enough for any wandering birds this season.

Ultimately, this is what I believe defines the Kurjen Tila community- the desire to help those around without expecting anything in return. From Reima and Sies sharing their time and knowledge with us, and for us to then come together and create shelter for birds visiting our village this spring. A communal feeling not just between people, but between people and nature.

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