How it will be the end of the world? And most important, what will be the cause of this? In the literature and in the religions there are several examples of this topic, scarying tales usually with some superior entities and gods that rules that moment. For the Christians there will be the Armageddon, and the four knights of Apocalypse will come to the earth and will destroy in severals steps our beautiful earth, and then there will be the final judgement of god. Or in the norse mythology there will be the Ragnarock, when also the gods will fall. You can find other examples, and reading them in literal or in a figurate way, it’s pretty clear that the earth will be not habitable anymore for the human race, and actually it’s what is happening now, with the exploitment of the natural resourches, which will be exhausted in ten, fifty, one hundred or three hundred years. It doesn’t matter when, but with our technologies we can calculate with a little margin of error when we will run out of something (of course considering hypotetical costant usage like in this period). No more chocolate, non more petrol, no more drinkable water, no more uranium for nuclear plants…there will be enough renewable energy to feed our cars, our computer, our smartphones, our television? And do we have to talk about the climate change? The journalist David Wallace-Wells wrote a book “The uninhabitable Earth” published in 2019, where he describes a terrible future for us. And also Greta Thumberg is the symbol of the young people that want to save our world. But are you disposed to don’t use your car, don’t eat anymore meat, don’t use your phone, don’t go to an happy hour with your friends? These are all things that you don’t need to survive, yes, just survive, not living as our culture teached us. Some experts has just coined the word “climate despair” to describe a new form of depression that is starting to appear in the medical ambit. Some people, hearing all that bad news about the future, start to be stucked, don’t want to make child to not curse them to a terrible end, stop go to work, get in panic. So have we let the despair win? I don’t know, I’m only a weird lad in the middle of the finnish countryside, however I think I have a technical instruction to handle in a quite appropriate way this topics and the only suggestion I can give to you is to wake up everyday full of energy and follow your dreams, be grateful if you have something to eat and drink and try to make our world a better place, then the nature is more powerful than umanity, so try to give respect to it.

“Giudizio universale” Michelangelo Buonarroti

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