Food has always had a crucial part in the life of people since people started to gather together for the meals, nowadays it is not changed and is instead even more important to give back importance and priority to the eating hour.
There are countless of the reason why everybody should do it but we don´t want to ammorb you whit an endless list we divided them into 4 big groups, that are the same 4 groups of the lifestyle of an Ecovillage;
– Cultural
– Social
– Ecological
– Economical

-Sharing a meal, so sharing good times and spending good quality times with other people from the village
-Experience other food cultures from around Europe, while sensibilizing a whole village to organic food, of course we love finnish kitchen but sometimes eating some mediterranean food is not bad
-Being able to schedule all the appointment of the day/week

-Communication between village members, is not always easy to find time to talk
-Share ideas and thoughts all together
-Expressing your persona through food
-Sharing is caring, even if it´s only food, time or even a chat

-More the people eating, less the resources used per person and also being able to waste less food by cooking for everybody
-Being able to grow your own vegetables and picking wild herbs that nature offers you every season, not only you will help the planet but you will also feel proud of your work
-Promoting the organic industry by choosing every time organic ingredients

-As said before, more the people less the resources starting from the food but also the energy, the fuel for the shopping and so on
-Being able to organize and optimize resources, each time you´ll do better
-Having one or two people cooking for up to 30 people you save people from the kitchen that will now be able to work outside, believe me you´ll always need a pair of hands more
-Support locals farmers and the local economy by investing in km0 products

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