Last week we built a greenhouse, in order to grow and cook out of season plants and vegetables for the community lunches. I had slim to none DIY skills or experience, fortunately Isabelle and the other volunteers were more confident than me. 

First we leveled the ground to have a flat base, then we screwed wood planks on each side as pillars and began to construct the ceiling. 

We initially fixed the ceiling to the walls, however for legal reasons we had to remove it to place a removable ceiling instead. Some screws were stuck, we had a hard time to remove them but in the end we succeed 

Last but not least, we used rigid plastics as windows and build a door 

We had a lot of fun building this greenhouse, and the result is rewarding ! Even if it’s not perfectly straight, it’s effective and we are proud of it. Not made by professionals but made with love ! I learned a lot from them. It was a great experience.

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