There can’t be any light without shadow, right?

For more than half of our project, we had nearly endless days where you could walk around without a flashlight at midnight. It was a new and exciting experience to be able to witness this with our own eyes. We spent a lot of time outside, chilling, hanging out, doing activites, etc. It was a summer full of crazy experiences but now we have to get ready for a whole new chapter: The finnish autumn and winter!

We knew it was going to happen at one point or another and now it is here. The change felt quite sudden and now it is already getting dark at 18:45! It can be frustrating to wake up without sun, go through the day without sun and go to bed … without sun. And it is only October! I am interested to see how it will be in the end of November here in the South and when we go up North. We will definitely keep you updated.

Also now, during our workday we are mostly inside doing computer/office work and we are not as active as we used to be. I believe we, or some of us, are quite active people, so being inside all day can get very tiring. Adding to the tiredness in general because of the season change.

I don’t want this blog to only be about the fun stuff we do or the positive aspects. I want to be real and show that even if this is an amazing and unique experience we have here, there are always downsides. (Not saying that you should not do this!)

BUT this is as much part of the overall experience as was the summer. Eventhough this might not be as fun ^^’.

To shine some light in this dark times (no pun intended), there is of course activities we can do right now. We are finally able to see the stars again which we so dearly missed during summer. Since there is no light pollution, we have an amazing view at the vaste night sky.

Also the season of aurora borealis or northern lights has started! So we regularly go outside in the night to try and see these rare phenomenons. As of now, we have seen very weak activity twice but it is always a joy to be able to see some. I am looking forward to when it is darker (how ironic) and less cloudy to be able to see stronger activity. I don’t know if you remember or if you read our first post, but the first day the others arrived in early March, they actually saw northern lights. Their post also shows some pictures. They literally saw them on their first day here, I am very jealous haha

Anyway … I hope you enjoyed my complaining haha

I wish you a wonderful day!

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