This was my first week as a chef, I had the help of Tuija and each day a different volunteer came to help in the kitchen. I was already interested in cooking but never deepened my knowledge, this week was very important for me to realize that it’s not that difficult to make healthy and vegetarian food. Since i moved to Finland i changed my diet, i stopped eating meat and i am learning every day how to balance my diet and it has been a challenge… In Portugal it is common for each dish to have meat or fish and they are very few people become vegetarians but I believe that even after returning to Portugal I will be able to remain vegetarian, it will be a challenge but I think it will be possible.

Tuesday i was with Tuija and Salome in the kitchen and we did vegetables in the oven (potatoes, beetroot, swede and carrots), some curry rice and cabbage salad.

Wednesday i was with Tulja and Francesco and we did vegeteble lasagna with zuccini, carrots, tomato sauce, cabbage, cheese and cream.

Thursday i was with Tuija and Naomi and we did vegetarian burguers with grain, carrots, bread, swede, couscous as side dish and salad with carrots and cabbage.

Friday i was with Tuija and Steff and we did vegetarian plate and meat plate, was pasta with tomato sauce and soy and the other plate was pasta with tomato sauce and meat, we cook onion for who like it and some feta cheese to.

On saturday i wasn’t the chef, i was just helping with Valentin, the chefs were Elina and Jukka and they made a lentil soup that was really good.

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