“Will I managed to cohabitate with five other people for so long?”

22 of March 2019, the day I received the email from Kurki Ecovillage telling me that I was accepted in ESC program for seven months and ten days in the middle of Finland. Grand joy, then grand fears. Never left France before. Never travelled in a plane. Never spoke english for more than a day. Never worked in a farm. Never said goodbye to my family or friends.
2519 km away from home, a thousand and seven times the distance from home to work. And yet, my first thought was “Will I managed to cohabitate with five other people?”. Out of every fear possible in this more than unique situation, my brain chose the most down to earth one: sharing my personal space with five other human beings. 

In my brain defence, I only lived 3 months with a friend, hell I thought it would be, hell it has been. Simple equation: 3(m)+1(p)= Hell (m being the number of mouths I have to spend, P being the number of people I have to share my home with). And now the new equation: (3(m)x3(m))+(1(p)x5(p)). Still didn’t figure out that one.

It has been 2 months now, and it turns out things are going pretty well. Of course, there are ups and downs, high ups, higher downs. So many words to say that it’s actually going well? Kind of.

This article is obviously not about cohabitation, which is the most natural aspect of life: living alongside other human beings. But rather about not trusting your brain too much. You can imagine a situation a hundred time in your head, and not even be 1% right about what’s going to actually happen. 

Give yourself a chance to move forward, think twice before trusting your thoughts.

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