Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to the summer and hope that you are having a good time outside and enjoying so much!! In our case, we are taking advantage of this amazing village and eating a lot of vegetables and delicious fruits like strawberries.

Also we are celebrating some national festivals of Finland, like Juhannus of course, with a lot dancing and good food.

A few days ago we hosted the Open Gardens happening in our ecovillage, on 16-06-24. We were very nervous because it was the first time that we took part in this national event. And surprisingly (not so much because we are beautiful), many people came.

people enjoying Kaffetos delicacies

We prepared amazing posters to anounce the event with drawings and cute letters, which took 14 hours!! Also the villagers gave their everything to arrange a very nice day: with pies and coffee in Kaffetto (our village cafeteria), with some information about the village and our sustainable project.

Information about fertilizers

We offered free seeds and seedlings from our biodiversity garden to the visitors. The seeds were put in a cute origami packets that our beautiful volunteers had done. People looked so happy and the kids were playing with the children of our village on the trampolin, playing football and more!!

It was a chill day of work, because we were only bringing stuff inside and back to Kaffetto. The visitors were in love with our differents gardens and the project, and of course having a good time in the Kaffetto talking with each other, so it was a nice day for everyone.

See you in our open days, every Saturday in July and August, between 11-14 o┬┤clock. Kaffetto and our Flea Market are open, we are selling the products of our garden and offering free seeds and plants from our biodiversity garden. Tervetuloa!!!

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