Our project is about sustainability. This year it was completed with the exploration of the edible wild herbs. The idea is to raise awareness and get to know more about them because it is so incredible they are around us. Nowadays we have less native knowledge about what they are, that many of them are edible and how they can be used. It´s also a good thing that we don`t have to go to the shop to buy them, the shop doesn`t have to transport them from far and meanwhile use non-renewable energy and pollute the Earth. We don`t need to plant them, water them or take care of them. They are a present by the nature. They are accessible for everyone. In the old days they have been sources of food in times of scarcity. They are very healthy because they contain a lot of vitamins and nutritions and are free of herbicides and other agricultural poisons. We started to use those plants in the kitchen, for example to make a fresh pesto, salads and infusions for lunch and cafeteria.

It was a special experience for us to realize they are edible and they are tasty.

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