The first of May, when in many countries we celebrate the Labour Day, in Finand we celebrate Vappu. This day is an important day for Finnish people, enjoying spring time with joy, even if it’s not a sunny day.
This event start in the XVIIIth century by catholic people celebrating Walpurgis Night. Traditionally, they enjoyed the coming of spring and shared a horseback ride with friends.
One century after, secondary school graduates created a “new” Vappu (which is still relevant today). To celebrate their accomplishment, new students have to wear the traditional white cap and dive in the cold water… Students wear also their traditional overalls with a lot of patches.
This first of may, Finnish people like sharing a picnic or a barbecue with sausages, munkit and sima.
Munkit is a kind of doughnut with cardamom specifically made for Vappu. This one are rolled in sugar before eating.
Sima is a natural sparkling lemon drink. We made it with sugar, yeast, lemon and raisins, and left it for a few days before to drink it.

For this particular day, we learned how to make some Sima and Munkit.
This time was joyful and nice despite of the cold and the rain !

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