As an international ESC volunteer, I had the amazing opportunity to work for the Finnish Red Cross ! 

Me (second from the left) with the Vesilahti Red Cross team

First, in order to become a member, I had to follow the First Aid course offered by the Red Cross. This training teaches basic First Aid skills, including assessing and addressing common injuries, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and using an automated external defibrillator for cardiac emergencies. Once completed, I was greeted with the FRC certificate and a card member. 

With the Red Cross, we went to festivals and concerts in the region of Tampere, to ensure the safety of attendees and respond to any medical emergencies that might occur. We were also involved in food aid activities, preparing and delivering food parcels to vulnerable people.  

Working for the Red Cross was an incredible way to get out of my comfort zone and to grow personally while being useful for my local community at the same time. Knowing that you are actively helping those in need leads to a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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