Today the topic of the environmental crisis is popular and there are some paladins of our planet that are becoming famous. The talking about climate change is daily into our houses, but are we really doing something to take care of the planet?

Sustainability means guaarantee to the next generations the same amount of resources (energy, drinkable water, food, safety…) that we have. Nowadays we are looking to the next decades like the last of the humanity, waiting that politicians make some laws to save the situation.

Probably the most sustainable solution is that everyone starts from his little daily behaviours to change the things. It can be a little drop in the ocean, but the ocean is composed by drops!

In Kurjen Tila we are running an european ESC project about sustainability, with six volunteers that are experimenting on their own skin the sacrifices of a sustainable lifestyle: no own car, dry toilets, little showers, living together in a little ecological house… This blog has the purpose to show the personal experiences that the volunteers touched with their hands and we hope that put some seeds for reflecting to the people that are reading. The blog has four main categories, as it’s used to share the huge topic of sustainability.

The first one is Cultural, because the culture is the main vehicle to made this change. Then we have the ecological one, where there are considerations about ethical behaviour and tips to eat and behave in a less impactant way for the Earth. The third one is Economic, the capitalism is showing some defects and his problematic non regenerative nature, so we need new models to build an efficient future economic system. Last but not the last is the social one, also include people with lower opportunity, take care of youngsters and old people is an important mission to fight the increasing individualism and isolation.

Tervetuloa to kurjentila blog!