I think a fresh pesto from wild herbs is one of the best food you can put in your diet. It is very easy to prepare and you can use several kind of herbs and seeds to make it. We usually use the plant, goutweed (aegopodium podagraria). There are plenty of them in our yard and in the surrounding area. Keep in mind, forage them from unsprayed area, from your own lawn or the edge of a forest!


Ingredients we used:
Version 1:
6 cups of goutweed
0.5 cup of pine nut
1.5 cups of olive oil
the same that in version 1 plus 2 cloves garlic and 0.5 cup shredded parmesan cheese

You can add:

sunflower and/or sesame seed or nuts as well, more delicious if you fried them before you add

garlic for a better taste

parmesan cheese

you can use dandelion, wood sorrel or any other kind of wild herb, or you can mix more type of plants

Use your imagination and what you have on hand. Variations are endless!


Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix them. Blend well until a smooth texture. Serve it with pasta dish, rye bread toast or raw veggies. The possibilities are endless!

Hyvää ruokahalua!

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