What we do

We are a group of young volunteers from Europe living in an ecovillage in the Finnish countryside. We are promoting a sustainable lifestyle using as much as possible what nature offers us.

Who we are

And now a brief presentation of the team!

Volunteers 2022

Susana (Spain, 29)

An espanish strong independent woman

Alessandro (Italy, 29)

A hard-working honest italian man

Laura (Belgium, 25)

An independent strong belgian woman

Elisabeth (France, 25)

A sustaneble independent strong french woman

Rodrigo (Portugal, 23)

A posed portuguese puto

Alicia (Luxembourg, 20)

A young bright independent strong luxembourgish woman

Volunteers 2020


First biking here in Kurjen Tila after I learned

Hi! I’m Luca from Rome and I’m 22. I love my city so much but sometimes to love something you must let it go so here I am in Kurjen Tila!
I’m the perfect stereotype of an Italian man, I love my mother so much that the Edipo story is based on me, I was working as a professional chef since I graduated so maybe I know little about cooking, I’m loud and always with the joke ready even when is better not to. Ah I love the color pink and I’ve got a pink swimsuit with watermelon so nice, you have no idea! Got to be honest, never been so much of an ecological myself, but here I am redeeming for my sins. The world is changing so we must change ourselves with it for the good of everyone.
Pray for the sun! Stay tuned!


Me and my friend on my Reiki retreat

Hi there! My name is Tania, I’m 29 years old and I’m a Portuguese living in Ireland. Like most of the Portuguese people, I’m a coffee addicted and I love to gather with people surrounded by food and good conversation topics.

My passions are yoga, holistic approaches to life, animals, nature, music, and food (vegetarian always!). I’m just a bubbly little woman with a big heart, fighting to save the world!

These months in Kurjen Tila will be used wisely to learn more practical stuff, like small buildings or permaculture, to be more in tune with myself and my goals to the future and to create connections with people that are living the lifestyle that I want to myself.


My name is Ahmed, I have 25 years. I have a little formation of informatics.
I’m a person very curious and open-mind. I like to play volleyball and also knowing people and share with them. I was born, I grew up and living in a neighborhood in french next to Paris. I always try to improve my mind, better understand the world for building a fairer world (for the poor, for women, for minority, THE
LIVES). This led me to Kurjen Tila, to be closer to nature and learn to be
most autonomous. I really like to smile, joke, chat, and debate with others and some times I like just to be alone with my self. I like this balance when I do something I try to do my best. I like to read and write, My dream and goal are to be a writer or speaker.


Hello, I’m Joan from Catalonia (Spain). I am 19, and my two biggest passions in life are nature and music, and I want to focus my life in that way.

My life from before wasn’t very interesting, I finished my school and I started working in printing and after in a farm, and I decided that I wanted a change in my life, so when I met this project I saw it clearly. I’m really happy and enthusiastic to be here because I always wanted a lifestyle like this.

I am proud of my teammates and I think they are lovely persons, so I’m convinced that we will do a good job. This place is awesome, I want to know more about it and the whole country. All we can do now is enjoy the moment and take advantage of the opportunity we have.


I’m Pia and I am 22 years old. I live in a small village called Lommersum (nearby Cologne, Germany). I started to think about a social year in Europe since I was a child.

Now, after graduation and apprenticeship, I have the opportunity to do it in this beautiful village with so many kind people. I like nature and working with seasonal food. I want to learn more about preserving seasonal food, animals and finnish culture. I cook and bake since I was a child, so I hope I can learn some of the traditional recipes of finland. Besides that, I like to craft and be creative. I think we can combine all these beautiful things together and start great projects.


I am Fiorella, I am 25 years old, I am from an Italian family and I currently live in Uruguay (South America).

I am happy to be in the project because I enjoy doing activities related to nature and its care. I like to do outdoor activities, go for walks in natural places, ride a bike, the sea and silent places. I also like learning languages, listen and play music, reading, cooking and exchanging ideas and knowledge.

The project in Kurjen Tila represents for me a new opportunity to combine many things: acquire environmental sustainability practices, strengthen teamwork with a common goal, among other things that will emerge around the project in conjunction with the rest of the co-volunteers and organizers. I come to Kurjen Tila with several personal ideas about environmental sustainability, its practice and its promotion. I hope I can leave something of myself in this project, the project in me is already doing it.

Volunteers 2019


Hei! My name is Stirven. I’m 25 years old and I come from Brittany, a region in the North-West of France known for its rainy weather and its crêpes. I currently live in Kurki ecovillage as part of a European Solidarity Corps mission called “Sustainability rules” in Vesilahti near Lempäälä. For 7 months and 10 days ( May 20th – December 31st), I will be working and participating in the village’s activities, no need to say how excited I am to be here in Finland. I share a house with five other volunteers, some of them are nice. Back in France, I used to work in a bagel shop inside Rennes’ train station, as I failed to obtain a license degree in English Literature and Civilization. I have worked in plenty of different fields before my university run in 2015: Restaurant, Bar, Factory, Hospital, Fast food…

During my free time here I like to exercise, play guitar, swim in the lake, and spend time with my fellow volunteers. Enough said, hope you enjoy the blog and Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/kurki_ecovillage/).

(P.S: I’m the one with a mustache)



Hi! I’m Eleonora, I’m 25 and I’m from Italy. But the very South of Italy (no, not Sicily): Puglia, known for its food, wine, trulli, and loud speaking people! I left my couch-potato life and joined Kurjen Tila one month ago and I will remain here until Christmas time. I am very happy to be here, enjoying the tasks and the challenges of this program, but above all the company of my new sweet family of co-volunteers. Out of this project, I am a freelance translator and my dream is to become a cultural mediator. But what really brings joy and passion into my life is activism, feminism, fluffy animals, cooking and my little ukulele!


My name is Kata, I am 27. I come from Hungary. I like to travel and experiencing new cultures. I have been in many countries all over Europe. I am a friendly person and open to new information but at the same time, I like to share my experiences and knowledge with others. I like nature, so in my free time, I usually go for a walk to the forest or ride my bike. I am interested in sustainability, that is why I started to make as many products as I can for my own. Among other beauty products. I am good at handcrafts, I started to learn sewing crocheting and knitting. I like sports, I started to learn yoga, that is one thing in what I want to develop. I like sports also team sport like basketball. I started to learn to play on the piano because I really love music and I feel the interest to play on an instrument.


I spent the last few years working mostly in the catering and tourism business. So at 30 years old, I would like to change my way of life. As I am very aware of the ecological challenge and the economic problems of our modern world, I would like to dedicate myself to an activity where money does not count, to a return to nature and to a humanitarian project. This is the reason why I started looking for volunteering opportunities, whether in my native country or abroad, since traveling and discovering other cultures has always been a leitmotif in my life. The farming project of Kurjen Tila completely fits with what I want to do with my life at the moment and what I can bring to a community. My native language is

French, I can speak English quite well and I have a basic knowledge of Spanish, so it is fairly easy for me to live in an international community. I believe that the future well-being of our planet will depend on local economies and small communities, but we still need to be open to the rest of the world, so we can share cultures, experiences, languages, and knowledge.


Hello! I’m Irene from Málaga, Spain. I’m 24 years old and I studied Design. I also did some courses according to web design, socio-cultural event design and art management. To clarify a bit, I have digital designing skills, scenery design, object design, web design and some knowledge and experience in art management, creating a project from an idea and developing it. Also building skills with different materials as wood, pyrex pan, clay, and fiberglass. I have been working for a year as a graphic designer, doing things like a magazine layout, posters, and logo design. Also, three months working for a company that creates socio-cultural events, building sceneries for outdoor events and designing backgrounds for some plays. I am really interested in how art and design can move the world forward and to introduce this thinking from childhood is a great strategy to create a better world. I am really interested in cultural exchanges and languages. I believe that working together as people from different backgrounds and cultures and also with people with different interests can really make us get better solutions.


I’ m Anne, 30 years old and I’m from Belgium. I like nature, wild herbs cooking and a fresh lifestyle. I learned artistic studies and art is my favorite activity as well. In my professional life, I made a lot of different jobs, I worked in restaurants, in shops and also in the medical sector. The love for art is always calling me so I decided to be part of this project because I want to travel and share my art around the world. My mission is sharing knowledge and I think to be in the right place to do it.

Where we are