Today we harvested the vegetables from our little greenhouse. It seems yesterday that we made it but now is already time to grab the fruits of our work! We have some tomatoes, some chilli and some pumpkins. The greenhouse is a very smart invention that permit to cultivate plants that cannot usually grow in that specific place because the external climate is too cold. But all the humanity is actually living in a big big greenhouse: when the solar radiation arrive on the ground, a portion return back toward the space, but some gases and the water vapor are like a mirror that sends back that radiation to the ground. One odd thing about greenhouse effect is that without this phenomenon some experts estimated that the average temperature in the Earth should be -15°C, so a lot under the freezing temperature of the water, hence not conditions for life. So why everybody says that the greenhouse effect is bad? The problem is the increase of greenhouse gases because of human activities. In a nutshell the most important are carbon dioxide, CO2, (combustion of fossil fuels), methan, CH4 (agricolture and farms), halocarbon compounds ( propellant i.e. for sprays).

Then if we consider different environmental crisis, like deforestation and wildfires (less plants that seize CO2, defrosting of permafrost and increase number of swamps in northern countries with CH4 emissions, the scenario seems to be pretty hopeless. Politicians should give the answers to this problem, but probably the complexity and the economical and political interest are more important that our future. A politician is interested to solve problems referred to his electoral term, a man is interested to solve problems referred to his life term, this doesn’t like so sustainable! So the single person can try to do a little effort, like eating less meat or using less the car. Meanwhile, in Kurjen Tila we are eating our own dear vegetables!

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