We have been living in Kurjen Tila for two months. So, time flies like our flies are flying around us day and night and like clouds fly in the sky, hiding the warm sunrays. When I was in the middle of the small pumpkin field, looking for where their long flexuous stemps started, I recalled the moment when we planted the seeds on our first day. And now they are huge and slowly we can harvest these beautiful and delicious orange balls. We planted not only pumpkins, but also cucumbers, salads, basil, tomatoes, chili peppers, spinach, coriander and french marigold flowers. Most of them survived and grew.

We built a greenhouse for them, and we also have a window greenhouse from the previous volunteers where we put these plants. And Then we only need to wait for them to grow. We chose a person who takes care of them and water them everyday. I wanted this task because I like plants, planting and discover this world. Yes, it is a wonderful process. Not only for the plants but also for myself. Because I could experience how a plant will grow from a seed. It is an amazing story how they arrive to our plates, what they need to survive during growing. I believe they can feel the care. I think I shouldn’t say that there were many seeds which didn’t come out from the ground. And there was an occasion when I forgot to water the a baby plant and that passed away. And there were some of them which died without any reason. (Or just I don’t know the reason). I have learned that when it comes to planting, it is more important the texture of the ground than how nutritious that is. I use compost for the seeds, but it wasn’t a good idea, they didn’t grow. And I have learned from Jonna, that the pumpkins needs a rich, nutritious ground to grow. That’s why we planted them in rich, composted ground.

They are all beautiful, they are growing. We can’t wait to put them onto our table. We are going to use them to prepare some delicious meals at our community lunches.

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