a poem by Pia Horst

What is this place?

So full of space?

In all this days

so colourful …

so wonderful …

Where Listener live

and everyone give.

Someone will be open for a cuddle.

Support is not just a word,

Everyday you will be heard.

Sharing is here the Life.

This clears up and makes it bright.

This is your neighbor,

He doesn’t own you a favor.

He is the bridge that keeps together.

You just need to remember.

Invite him and sit together,

Even in the coldest weather.

Some Differences you will find,

but don’t be blind!

This is the glue

And here another clue

Memories are our Similarities

Shall we continue?

So have a look in this venue.

We all sit here, dance and cheer.

Creating Art with our Heart.

The inner child is smiling and wild.

The life is rough,

but with creations of Love,

you will fly like a dove.

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