Natural Skin Care Workshop with Rahel

A few months ago we had a very special morning with Rahel.

Rahel is very determined to change the cosmetic scene we all know not so sustainable for ourselves and the Earth. Meet her start-up, Ruska Skincare “Local natural skincare from the nature of Finland to your home.”


So when she contacts Kurki Ecovillage to talk about working together we were ‘over the moon’ excited, and ready to support her amazing project. To do that we arrange one morning workshop in our communal house to know more about the process of doing our own skin products and to allow Rahel to explore more the way she wants to teach on her workshops. We start the morning knowing more about the principles and aims of Ruska Skincare, as well as the information about the ingredients we can easily find around to create natural skincare products.

It’s incredible, so empowering, when you learn you don’t need to be so dependent from the cosmetic industry to take care of yourself, you can actually keep doing that in a much more sustainable, cruelty-free and idependent way, at the same time you are rebuilding the relationship and respect for nature.

Nature will heal you, if you are ready to be healed.

Rahel fill the rest of the morning working with us in two products: a solid hand mostourizer and a body scrub for Sauna, using only natural products from Finland, like bee wax, rapeseed oil, dandelion, clover flowers, sugar, etc. And the result couldn’t be better! Fast, easy and fun, opening our horizons to everything we can do with natural ingredients that grow around us everywhere.

You can learn the same recepies checking Ruska Skincare website, and engaging yourself for the up coming workshops with Rahel at Kurki Ecovillage. You will defenetly change the way you take care of your skin.

Body Scrub

We are looking forward to see the future of Ruska Skincare.

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