One is all and all is one, the circle of life, the ying and the yang call it however you like because today we’re talking about the connection between the single and the whole.
What is the purpose of a life without a world to interact with and change it by his needs? And on the other side what would a static world be like if nothing permeate it by his own necessities?
I can already see your face clicking for a post about foraging and find someone preaching about The Lion King and thinking ’what in the world has this man in his mind’ don’t worry. Hakuna matata my friend, I’ve not lost my mind because nothing connects you more in the environment you’re living in than foraging.
Think about it for a second, I know that it can be difficult for a city boy but you’re literally picking stuff from the soil where you’re walking on to eat it, that is making you absorb nutrients from a plant, that has been storaging those exact same nutrients that are now inside you, from the environment that that you’re sharing aswell with all the other living things that are changing the world with you.

Here in Finland foraging is also a cultural thing that has been done since the memory of our culture and the finnish ground offers you an incredible variety of things to pick, from berries to mushrooms and from leafs to roots if you’re able to recognize them.
Ah, we still didn’t mention the best part. All that food that you’re going to take is going to be the best you’ve ever tried! I’ve already tasted myself the sweetest raspberries and blueberries in my life and I cannot wait for the mushrooms season to start, because nothing is more seasonal than foraging of course, everything needs his own condition and time to grow exactly because it’s connected to the world, to be able to change it to their needs they first have to wait that the world is ready to change with them.

But of course is not all shining, you need to have a basic knowledge of the plants because there are serious risk in picking something you are not 100% sure is edible and the consequences can be really serious, so my advice is to study even just a couple of plants to pick before going and enjoy an evening in the middle of the nature and experience that connection we were talking about above, because I promise even to the most skeptical of you that you are going to feel it. I was one of the skeptic city-boy and now I’m going at least twice a week foraging because is simply nice and good to experience and enjoy.
Give it a try for me and tell me how it felt. Thank you, kiitos, grazie. Your boy Pink PowerRanger.

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