Some volunteers of Kurjen Tila are currently playing an annual football tournament with a group of friends of Vesilahti that organize this event every year. The mentors of the ecovillage informed us about this activity at the beginning of the project and we were so excited about the news. The matches started on May and will finish in October, during this period we play every Wednesday in the municipal field of Vesilahti.

This kind of activities are perfect to know new people living around you and share a hobby to spend time together and have fun. When you play you don’t have nationality, the communication between the players is really easy and you don´t need to speak the same language. Is always nice to know people in a random action of the game, and change the first words. Is a beautiful distraction after a day working and perfect for disconnect a while.

Since we knew about this opportunity we started to take it seriously, we searched for appropriate clothes and we created a stats table. The matches are always intense and all the players enjoy and give it all most of the time. Sometimes we are competitive and aggressive but always fair play, is football and it happens, and when we finish the game we don´t regret or complain at all.

We all love this sport, is a nice opportunity that they gave us and we will take advantage of it. We have the chance to do sport and have fun at the same time, so is just perfect. We are really grateful to them because we have and easy way to stay very connected with the community.

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