Gathering in Kurki Ecovillage to celebrate the food gardens and the community.

August 22nd was really special for the Kurki Ecovillage community. Was the first year we celebrated our communal food gardens, that in fact we build and create for many months, with hard work and much allegiance.

The day was fulfilled with lectures, gatherings, funny activities, good food, and relaxing moments. It was a big privilege to have so many people’s presence and time, to show the warmth of our community and the joy of having our own food gardens growing more each day. Everyone present on the day left their energy with us and feeds our wishes of an even bigger event in the future.

We are so thankful! Each volunteer wrote a little testimonial about the day because for each of us the impact was different:

That day was vibrant,
This waking up at dawn in the shoes of a baker accompanied by a dear friend,
Work for people you love, with someone you love. What satisfaction and fullness. Chat, laugh, or even silence, everything was a source of joy.
After the satisfaction of having finished the bread on time,
Worry about whether someone will come,
Finally, the 1st person arrives then the 5th the joy and the lightness resurface. Smiles are exchanged. Bringing together all kinds of people from all walks of life and seeing them take an interest in permaculture makes me happy. The summary video of our work, see the things we have achieved, become aware of what we are achieving, exchange smiles between inhabitants of the village, those smiles said we can be proud of ourselves!
We have the power to do amazing things, all together, little by little.
This experience is my proof of our power to change things and make them better. As if that wasn’t enough joy in a day, Bollywood dance in the center of the garden in a circle, what an incredible moment of communion and joy.
Dance with strangers, dance with people you love, and laugh together! Finally, to finish, a magnificent concert which makes us travel.
Great respect for these people who work hours and hours to become one with their art and thus offer it to us in 5 minutes. Exchange and human relations. This kind of day reminds me of how much life is worth living.

The Permaculture day has been the climax of a beautiful and hard work that took months of a collective effort from all of us, from the villagers to the volunteers.
Seeing how great can be the result of all of us working together shows how the collective value of a group of people working together in harmony is much superior of the single values added together because what we managed to get from this experience is not only the food we grew or the rejuvenation of the gardens or the knowledge passed out to the guests or the moments of happiness shared together but also the realization of what we can thrive to achieve if we work together as a community and from my humble perspective of a volunteer that started this project not even knowing that such thing as Permaculture even existed is incredible how it managed to shake my mind in such a deep level.
Maybe we didn’t stop the climate change, we didn’t stop the extreme pollution that is still today happening or we may not even sensibilize our little city, but we did our best creating a pattern where we can do more each year and share more each year and this is the core of the permanent mentality from which the Permaculture name comes from.

“Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature…”


My journey to the permaculture day started a couple of weeks before. First, we planed, we organized, and then we promoted the event. I did what I really enjoyed to do, preparing food. For example, apple compote for waffles, Currant Syrup for organic and homemade soda, cakes, and hummus. The day came and we organized and prepared everything, besides the weather … It was cloudy, a little bit rainy, and chill outside. But this couldn’t stop my excitement. Our beautiful guests, friends, and families of the community brightened the day up. Every Workshop was nice to join and in some points emotional. Especially presenting our tree guilds and all the work we did in the last couple of months. You feel very proud when harvesting what you planted with your own hands. At some point in the day, we started our party with Bollywood dancing, Music from a hanging drum, and cake. The atmosphere was joyful and relaxed and you could have seen in everyone’s face a big smile. This was my favorite moment of the day. Also, sharing and laughing with everyone was a big enrichment for me. I learned a lot from this day and this project and I don’t want to miss these memories.

The day was remarkable. I was excited but nervous. At a certain point, I thought: No one will show up and this whole thing will be a big disaster. I was getting grounded in this defeatist mood until I hear Reima saying something on the microphone: ‘Even if just one person shows up today, this day will be perfect.’ And then I finally realize this was the day to celebrate our community and our hard work, it wasn’t about to show off, the meaning was way deeper than that. And everything became lighter and joyful! We often look for rewarding, naturally, it makes us feel belonging to this competitive world, but I was looking for that reward in the wrong direction. When I stop to think about all the journey we went through, together, to create this day, my heart beats strongly… The day itself was amazing, with no doubts, but the JOURNEY was absolutely a healing process for me.


Helen Keller

We had the pleasure to be part of the Permaculture day in Kurjen Tila. There were so many nice people, good food, lots of things to see, to learn about their permaculture projects, things we never thought could be possible, showing that we can definitely live in perfect balance with nature. Their garden designs are beautiful, full of life and we even could taste some of their vegetables and flowers! How great is that?! It was really a dream coming true. We had so much fun dancing and everyone was so welcoming! We are so glad for this day, it really gave us the feeling that many people care about the environment and are actually doing something. Thank you, everyone! Peace and love!

Nature is not a place to visit. Is home. “
Gary Snyder.

08/22 of this 2020, was a very special day …
Several people, from different places, with different abilities -and with a common goal- were part of the most important event of the 2020 edition of our project “Sustainable rules”: Permaculture day.
This day, governed by the ideological principles and practices of permaculture, brought together interested, motivated, and specialists in this area of knowledge and work. Different spaces were assisted with the great motivation for learning and exchange, about what is not only another area of development but also a lifestyle. And it is not just any lifestyle…
The dimension that this day had for loved ones and enthusiasts, was made up of elements: necessary, colorful, sensitive, and full of life, like nature itself. Those aspects were: basic and deep foundations of permaculture, permaculture in action, and its demonstration, and this surrounded and accompanied by music, dance, and the sensitivity that ultimately arises on the love of life itself.
The resources and the use of our planet in a sustainable way. For its preservation and for a friendly, peaceful, and balanced life with the environment, with our home.

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