Last Tuesday Suvi and her beautiful baby join our community to teach us more about permaculture and sustainability, using what we have to create the best environment for starting to grow food and lovely gardens.

This last week has been a great tool for the volunteers, manly in terms of growing our knowledge about permaculture design. Every morning we gather with the families from the village to plan the best solution and work according to each person’s desire for their personal space. We realize permaculture involves way more planning and study from the surroundings before you can start planting and growing anything and it is great that everyone has been able to find some project to work with, always with Suvi’s help and supervision.

The spring started snowily and cold, with many windy days, but these last couple of days we had the pleasure to see the sun again and our fields are finally giving us fresh and wild food. Last Friday we ate the first salad with nettle, dandelion, and goutweed! It was delicious and impressive for us to know that we can now go outside and pick our food, instead of going to the supermarket and buy something we don’t know the origin of. We are so excited to start picking food from the forest as well, like wild berries and mushrooms. Beside that, we learn how to extract water from the trees, understanding deeply the meaning of “we have food everywhere”, we just need to take the time and observe the nature around us. Thank you Suvi for this life lesson.

Keep tuned for more posts about our permaculture journey in Kurjen Tila! MOI MOI

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