Did you know that in Kurjen Tila it is impossible to feel bored? Everyone of us has different interests and we just love to share them. As a typical Italian, I am a cooking enthusiast and so I thought: why not writing our own cooking book?

The idea popped into my mind after the first week, when we made our first pesto made out of spontaneous herbs such as dandelion and goat weed. The outcome was so surprising that we definitely had to write about it.

So it began: sometimes the cooking ideas come from our home countries, but most of the times we write about the recipes that we discover and experiment here.

Plus, we have a great helper on our side: Tuja, who is leading us in the world of Finnish traditional cuisine. Thanks to her, we are happily feeding our summer cafeteria guests and of course, enriching our cooking book.


Are you curious to read it? Stay tuned!

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