In Italy, we are used to saying “who minds his own “garden” lives for 100 years”. It’s especially true nowadays when everyone is doing the exact opposite. Of course, is not easy to do it, , maybe you don’t even know where to start or you don’t even have a garden to mind, but for those of you who have the possibility but maybe lack in motivation, commitment or even just knowledge to where to start, here you will find reasons and tips for Minding you own Garden!
We will see how gardening participates in sustainability with the prism of 4 groups that you already know we love so much:
– Cultural
– Social
– Ecological
– Economical

Cultural :
The garden can be an art and you can be proud of creating something.
You can understand how the vegetable grows and do the link culinary culture.
It’s a beautiful place to organize some event cultural and very good place to gather people or just to read a book 🙂

Social :
With gardening, you sharing nice moments of working hours.
It allows you to maintain your body and your mind.
Talking with plants, They are said to be the best psychologists 🙂
Share tips for gardening with other people.

Ecological :
By gardening, you can better understand nature and create a link with her
while having the feeling of helping nature.
It’s good to regenerating soil and produce food close to you without transport pollution.

Economical :
With little investment and time to work your garden, it will be less expensive to grows your own vegetables then buying them in the supermarket, especially the organic ones.
While creating your own food you will also create a more rich and profitable soil ready to face any challenge you bring him.

-Start small but never quit, little by little you will achieve great goals you were not even dreaming when you started
-Don’t, absolutely for any reason, rush the garden. Instead follow it’s flow and rhythm because you want to work together not against each other.
-Ask for help! Everybody, not only who doesn’t know how to do it, it’s always good to have another opinion and vision of the garden, so don’t even try to tell me that you don’t know someone with the green thumb, it is his hobby he will happy to help you and after work share some good moments together maybe in front of a dinner, everybody loves to eat. But, in the remote situation that you have no one, ask online! If you are reading this it means that you are already searching and you are in the right place, so go read all the post, I know you have time for it.

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